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What is really happening in China Securitization Market?

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Latest News of Booming Opportunities

28th, 8, 2013: China to expand Asset- Backed Securities Trial. The latest issue of asset securitization pilot-scale is about 200 billion RMB.

——Mr. Li Keqiang, Chinese Premier

27th 9, 2013 Require 20 banks to report credit asset securitization trial program. In order to ensure pilot CLO trial is steadily expanding.

—— People's Bank of China

20th, 10, 2013 Third round of asset securitization pilot scale is about 300 billion RMB.

—— China Construction Bank

23rd, 10, 2013 Orient Securities and Alibaba have issued the nation's first securitized product backed by microloans, accumulated over 120 billion RMB so far.

—— Alibaba group

30th, 10, 2013 SME securitization in China is progressing. The Chinese central government has identified the securitization of loans to small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as a strategic focus in its policy to support the development of SMEs. In July, 2013 the first Chinese SME CLO ("Collateralized Loans Obligation") securitization – Alibaba SME CLO – debuted since the global credit crisis.

—— Moody's Investors Service

31st, 10, 2013 China has expanded a pilot plan allowing banks to package loans into tradable securities to include foreign banks. The expanded program is open to all of the 42 foreign banks with locally incorporated branches in China.

——China Banking Regulatory Commission

4th, 11, 2013 China may pilot issuance of credit asset securitization products in exchange. Multiple trust companies will for the first time participation in credit asset-backed securities business.

——China Banking Regulatory Commission

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Look at the U.S. financial innovation in the past 30 years, embodied in the asset securitization fields. U.S. asset securitization ratio exceeds 50% of the total GDP. Asset securitization is an important market financing platform for U.S., the total size has more than half of the total GDP in last 10 years. 2012 U.S. issued asset-backed securities scale $2.07 trillion which it has 24.38% increased on a year-on-year basis. This brings the core competencies for U.S. financial agencies.

China's asset securitization is overall stagnation or slow development of the state in the past 20 years. Taking three types of asset securitization for example, China's commercial banks credit asset securitization issued 21 credit asset securitization products by ¥86 billion as of 2012. Second, China's infrastructure asset securitization, as of March 2013, 7 companies to complete the ABN Dealers Association filed applications with a total amount of ¥7.2 billion. Finally, China Leasing Company Asset Securitization issued 4 products, all those three combined total amount of only ¥100 billion.

The Gap between U.S. and China is bringing contrast and progress for us. In August 28, 2013, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting, decided to further expand the pilot securitization of credit assets. The latest issue of asset securitization pilot-scale is about ¥200 billion. According to conservative estimates, the current Chinese actionable and realistic motivated credit asset securitization size is more than ¥10 trillion. Credit loans, guaranteed loans, small micro-enterprise loans, car loan package are the most suitable assets for securitization.

Liquidize remnant assets and use good increment alive is crucial. The approval of China (Shanghai) Free Trade Zone is aiming to build the platform for foreign investors.

Finance reform is necessary and urgent. Financial institutions are imperatively to need innovative business model to enhancing profitability and competitiveness. Here we are in honor to invite you join our China Securitization Congress 2014 in Shanghai. Let us witness and strive to create a Chinese asset securitization new era together.

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