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In recent years, the RMB settlement of cross-border trade continued to grow, and RMB has become the world's fifth largest payment currency. Due to the development of the offshore market, RMB trading are becoming increasingly active, ranked the ninth trading currency in the global FX market. Some monetary authorities have been or are going to involve RMB into their FX reserves, since RMB has become the world's seventh largest reserve currency. After joining SDR, RMB will, to a greater extent, get involved into the current dollar-dominated international monetary system. The rise of RMB will have a profound impact on China, Asia and even the world as a whole.

Amongst such a context, FX Update China 2016 (FUC 2016) will be held during 18-19 March 2016 in Shanghai, China. Now, we sincerely invites you to attend the premier event to get together with approximately 300 global leading players at the high-end interviews and dialogues, focusing on the hot topics such as RMB internationalization in the context of FX reform, global trade settlement and FX hedging, customized FX investment strategy, the business opportunities arising for banks, the latest trading technology, and etc.

Should you have any comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to meeting you in Shanghai!

Sincerely yours,

Organizing Committee of FX Update China 2016 (FUC 2016)


300+ Distinguished Guests Comprising Senior Decision Makers from 140+ Companies Over 15+ Countries Worldwide

25+ Eminent Global Speakers in the FX Industry

12+ Hours of Networking Time Including Roundtable Discussions and Open Q&A Sessions, Coffee Break and Exhibition Visits, VIP Luncheon, and One-to-one Meetings

5 Sessions Offering Vital Industry Insights

1 Premier Event for FX Dynamics and Innovations




Day One

18 March 2016, Friday

Masterclass A:
FX Investment Masterclass

Masterclass B:
Treasury Management Masterclass

Con-current One-on-One Meetings & Coffee Break & Exhibition Visiting

Day Two

19 March 2016, Saturday AM

Plenary Meeting:
RMB Internationalization in the Context of FX Reform

Company Customized Events:
(Maximum 3 Bookings)

Con-current One-on-One Meetings & Coffee Break & Exhibition Visiting

19 December 2016, Saturday PM

Sub-forum 1:
Global Trade Settlement and FX Hedging

Sub-forum 2:
FX Investment Strategy

Con-current One-on-One Meetings & Coffee Break & Exhibition Visiting

Awards Ceremony & Gala Dinner (Sponsor Reserved)





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