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第五届货机市场发展论坛 | 2021年10月13-15日,杭州
第五届货机市场发展论坛第六届飞机资产管理专题论坛(原飞机资产再处置与交易管理专题论坛)同期举办, 将于2021年10月13-15日杭州滨江世融艾美酒店召开。


The 5th Annual China Cargo Aircraft Management Forum is now rescheduled to Oct. 14-15, 2021, which will be co-located with the 6th Annual Aircraft Asset Management Forum to be held on Oct. 13, 2021.

The outbreak has shown clear signs of slowing and the travel limitations is being eased or lifted, but we will still be monitoring delta variants spread situations closely and take necessray measures to ensure safety of conference participants.

--会 议 框 架 / EVENT STRUCTURE--
Oct.13, 2021
Oct.14, 2021
Oct.15, 2021
6th Aircraft Asset Management Forum
5th Cargo Aircraft Management Forum
--会 议 议 程 / EVENT AGENDA--

10月13日 星期三 | Oct.13, 2021 Wednesday

09:00-09:30 中国及全球民航复苏之路
Aviation Recovery Roadmap in China and Globally
· 运力供应和需求几何?/Capacity and demand recovery trends
· 航线网络在发生怎样的结构性变化?/Structural changes of the routes network
· 航司经营和财务状况如何?/Airlines‘ financial status
· 民航机队结构有何改变?/Post-COVID Fleet composition outlook

09:30-10:00 飞机资产交易和价值变化趋势
Aircraft Trading and Asset Valuations Outlook
Thomas Kaplan, Cirium飞机价值评估师/Valuations Consultant, Cirium

10:00-10:45 圆桌讨论会: 航司机队管理新战略
Airlines' Round Table: Redefining Fleet Planning Strategy
· 后疫情时代航司机队结构和引进方式新变化/Changes in fleet structures & financing choices
· 737max长期停飞如何影响飞机引进策略?/737MAX groundings and impacts on fleet plans
· 老旧飞机退役及处置计划/Aircraft retirement and disposal plans
· 进军航空货运和货机市场?/Capitalizing on air cargo market opportunities
长龙航空/南方航空, Loong Air / China Southern Airlines

10:45-11:15茶歇 | Coffee Break

11:15-12:00 圆桌讨论会:飞机租赁业的困境、出路和未来
Round Table: Aircraft Leasing - Pains, Gains and Future

· 飞机租赁公司从疫情危机中学到了什么?/Lesson learnt from the pandemics
· 资产管理:管什么?怎么管?/Asset management practises
· 如何调整资产结构?How to realign asset portfolios to market realities?
· 资金管理和流动性风险/Liabilities and liquidity risks
林锋/LIN Feng, 总经理助理, 工银航空租赁/ICBC Aviation Leasing
许峰/XU Feng, 总经理,南航租赁/China Southern Air Leasing
段晓革/Jerry DUAN, 首席运营官, 厦门飞机租赁/Xiamen AirLease
黄立文 / HUANG Liwen, 董事总经理/Capella Aviation
周宁宁/Clark ZHOU, 商务高级副总裁, 奇龙航空租赁/AerDragon Aviation Leasing

12:00-12:45 圆桌讨论会:飞机融资风险管理
Round Table: Managing Risks in Aircraft Financing

· 投资者看待飞机资产的眼光变了么?/New perspectives of assessing aircraft assets
· 如何评断航司和出租人信用风险?/Re-examining airline and lessor’s credit risks
· 投资抄底的机会来了?/Time for hunting?
· 民航碳减排给飞机融资带来的风险影响/Green aviation and its impact on aircraft financings

12:45-14:00 午餐 | Lunch

14:00-14:45 探索新解决方案 应对航空租赁市场新变化
Aircraft & Engine Manufacturers’ Panel

李博健/LI Bojian, 飞机租赁促进科科长,天津东疆保税港区管委会/Tianjin Dongjiang FTZ

14:45-15:30 圆桌讨论会:飞机资产交易管理
Round Table: Managing Aircraft Tradings Transactions

· 当前飞机交易市场动态/Aircraft trading market dynamics
· 资产估值和定价问题/Residual values and pricings
· 二手飞机交易过程中的难点和新模式探索/Challenges in aircraft trading transactions & solutions
· 跨境交易和老旧飞机引进问题/Used aircraft acquisitions
周瑶/ZHOU Yao, 合伙人,大成律师事务所/DENTONS LAW Firms

14:45-15:30 圆桌讨论会:飞机资产管理的技术
Round Table: Used Aircraft Tradings

• 疫情危机如何凸显技术的重要性?
• 2021年,技术管理都在忙什么?
• 退租管理:哪些新问题?
• 评估飞机残值:方法和难点
罗伟华/Richard LUO, 中国区工程及资产管理总监,中飞租赁/CALC
王曦/WANG Xi, 维修管理副经理,南方航空/China Southern Airlines
李庚/Reagan Lee, 技术副总裁,国银航空租赁/CDB Aviation

15:30-16:00 茶歇 | Coffee Break

16:00-16:45 圆桌讨论会:租约违约和重组管理
Round Table: Lease Defaults and Restructurings

· 海航破产重组带来的影响和启示/Impacts and lesson learnt from HNA restructuring
· 债权人和出租人的利益保护/reditors and lessors’ interest protection measures
· 租约重组方式及风险评估/Lease restructuring options and associated risks
· 海外飞机取回/Aircraft repossessions
王舒/WANG SHU, 合伙人, 汉坤律师事务所/HAN KUN Law Offices

16:45-17:30 圆桌讨论:飞机拆解管理
Round Table: Managing End-of-Life Aircraft Assets

· 飞机拆解VS客改货/Aircraft part-outs VS Conversions
· CAAC飞机拆解/航材管理新AC带来了机会?/Intepreting CAAC’s new ACs
· 国内飞机拆解业面临的发展瓶颈是什么?/Constraints for aircraft part-outs in China
· 如何打通国际市场通道?/Assessing the global market

17:30 会议结束 | End of Conference

18:30-20:30 晚餐会 | Dinner Party

10月14日 星期四 | Oct.14, 2021 Thursday

09:00-09:35 主题发言: 中国航空货运市场格局变化和货运航司发展模式分析
China Air Cargo Market Dynamics and Cargo Airlines’ Development Strategy Analysis
邹建军教授/ZOU Jianjun, 中国民航干部管理学院/Civil Aviation Management Institute of China

09:35-10:10 主题发言: 后疫情时代南航智慧航空物流能力建设实践
Developing Smart Air Logistics Capabilities in China Southern Airlines
陶成庆/TAO Chengqing, 南航物流/China Southern Airlines Logistics

10:10-11:00 圆桌讨论会: 航空货运市场的新常态
Round Table: New Norm of the Air Cargo Market
· 当前航空货运市场供需平衡何时会被打破?/How long could current air cargo boom last?
· 中国航空货运市场的发展短板和不足/China air cargo market: shortcomings and constraints
· 如何加快国内和国际航空货运市场能力建设?/Priorities to boost China‘s air cargo capabilities
· 货航的运营模式和挑战/Air cargo carriers’ operation models and challenges
糜冬梅/Janet MI, 中国区首席代表,汉莎货运航空/Lufthansa Cargo
吴灏/WU Hao, 空运总经理,港中旅华贸国际物流/CTS International Logisitcs
蒋晨蛟/Ricky Jiang, 货运服务经理,国泰航空货运/Cathay Pacific Cargo
李安堂/Thomas Li, 大中华区拓展总监,俄罗斯空桥货运航空/AirBridge Cargo

11:00-11:40茶歇 | Coffee Break

11:40-12:40 货运航空公司讨论会
Cargo Airlines’ Panel

· 机队发展战略:中国货机机队的合理性/Fleet updates and future plans
· 货运航线和航权问题/Routes and traffic rights
· 临时客改货VS客改货P2F/Pfeighter VS P2F
· 国外二手飞机引进国内的难点问题/Key issues in used aircraft imports into China
· 国产货机的未来发展方向/Domestic cargo aircraft programme and market outlook

12:40-14:00午餐 | Lunch

14:00-14:40 专题发言: 全球航空货运市场分析和展望
Global Air Cargo Market Analysis and Outlook

14:40-15:20 电商快递物流需求与运力规划管理讨论会
Round Table: E-commerce Air Logistics and Capacity Management

· 电商物流发展模式和需求预测/E-commerce logistics network development and air logistics demands forecast
· 航线网络规划:飞往哪里?/Air-freight route planning: Destinations?
· 自建机队的可行性分析/Feasibilities of establishing self-owned fleets
· 包机VS租赁/Charter VS lease
· 基建设施的作用-短板和制约存在哪里?/The role of infrastructure – key constraints
巫曼/WU Man, 全球骨干网总经理,菜鸟网络/CAINIAO Networks
郜彬/GAO Bin, 航空业务总监,圆通速递/YTO Express

15:20-16:00 茶歇 | Coffee Break

16:00-16:40 全球货机机队发展与货机价值变化趋势
Freighter Market and Aircraft Values Outlook
此演讲将分享全球货机机队结构变化,不同货机机型的市场需求和供应格局,以及货机价值和租金变化趋势。 | This session will provide insights into the big changes in the freighter and P2F markets, demand and supplies for narrowbody and widebody freighter conversions, as well as latest development of freighter values and lease rates.
Frederic Horst, 董事总经理/Managing Director, Cargo Facts Consulting

16:40-17:20 波音货机产品市场展望
Boeing Freighter Market Updates

此演讲分享波音公司对于航空货运和货机市场的发展趋势分析,以及波音新货机及客改货项目的最新进展。| This session will illustrate Boeing’s air cargo market outlook as well as freighter and P2F program updates.
汪扬/WANG Yang, 中国区市场部总监,波音民机集团/Boeing China

17:20-17:50 空客货机产品市场展望
Airbus Freighter Market Updates

此演讲分享空客公司新货机及客改货项目的最新进展。|This session will feature Airbus/EFW’s latest freighter and P2F program updates.
安随/AN Sui, 市场总监,空客中国/AIRBUS China

18:00 第一天会议结束 | End of Day One

18:30-20:30 晚餐会 | Dinner

10月15日 星期五 | Oct. 15, 2021 Friday | 二楼艾美宴会厅

09:00-09:35 疫情和碳减排大背景下汉莎货运航空的机队更替计划和航线网络结构化变革
Lufthansa Cargo's fleet Modernization & Routes Network Plans in the COVID & Decarbonization Era

汉莎货运航空推出了全球首个完全采用可持续航空燃料的碳中和货运航班,并正在引进A321P2F货机以扩大货运能力。此演讲将从货运航司的角度,探讨在全球疫情和民航碳减排的大背景下,货运航司如何重新规划航线网络结构和货机机队发展。/Lufthansa Cargo have launched the first regular carbon-neutral cargo flight, and is also converting A321s to expand capacity and modernize fleet. This session will share Lufthansa Cargo’s fleet transformation and routes network plans in the context of COVID and green aviation.
Jorga Ahlborn, 高级业务总监,汉莎货运航空/Lufthansa Cargo

09:35-10:10 国产货机开发和市场前景
China’s Domestic Cargo Aircraft Programme Development and Market Outlook

此演讲介绍国产商用货机的项目开发进展和市场前景。/This session will introduce ARJ21 Freighter and China’s future cargo aircraft program updates.
杨洋, 市场与销售部副部长, 中国商飞 / COMAC

10:10-11:00 飞机客改货讨论会
Freighter Conversions Panel

此讨论环节将邀请货运航司\OEM\P2F\MRO代表深入探讨宽窄体机客改货项目动态,国内外改装能力,以及P2F实施过程中遇到的挑战和应对办法。| This session will invite cargo airlines\OEM\P2F\MROs to share insights into P2F program updates, demands, capacity supplies, as well as technical and commercial challenges in conversion programme execution.
王云飞/WANG Yunfei, 大修三部总监, 广州飞机维修工程/GAMECO
吕伟/LV Wei, 商务部总经理,山东太古/STAECO
杨穗利/Steven Yang, 中国总代表,AEI公司/Aeronautical Engineers Inc.

11:00-11:30 茶歇 | Coffee Break

11:30-12:10 货机引进及融资的法律政策环境及特殊问题的法律解析
Managing Cargo Aircraft Acquisition and Financings from Legal & Regulatory Perspectives
朱俊/ZHU Jun, 合伙人, 汉坤律师事务所/HAN KUN Law Offices

Freighter Aircraft Leasing Management Panel

·老旧飞机/货机融资瓶颈/Used aircraft financings
·货机引进方式对比/Cost and benefit analysis for freighter acquisition
·ACMC/CMI货机租赁模式在中国落地的难点/CMI/ACMI in China
·货机资产管理的难点/Difficulties in managing freighter assets
王涛/WANG Tao, 飞机业务部董事总经理,建信金融租赁/CCB Financial Leasing
苗励刚/MIAO Ligang, 高级营销副总裁,中国飞机租赁/CALC
周瑶/ZHOU Yao, 合伙人, 大成律师事务所/Dentons Law Firm

13:00 会议结束&午宴 | End of Conference & Lunch

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