Economic circle does work! It was in time of economic upturn at the last cycle, with the assets improving rapidly all the while. For this cycle,it is in time of new normal of economy where we are in need of in-depth analysis over whether assets values rise or not. The L-shape judgment by authorities seems to justify it. The cost of funds shall become the absolute advantage of industrial participators, and the NPL management shall more and more bring the distinct of finance to the spotlight. This circle's NPL is different from those in the previous circles, as they are relatively of good quality, complicated debt procedure, sound legal environment, and diversification of disposal modes.


  In the backdrop of "Three eradicating, one decrease and one supplementing", and in face of economic downturn and corporate upgrading, many companies are stuck in debts and capital constraint, resulting in operational stagnation and even severe debt defaults. To strengthen the further implementation of Bankruptcy Law can help distressed companies tackle with risks through judicial reforming, and realize the rebirth of the distressed companies via marketing manners and market resource restructuring. It is of great significance for helping distressed companies get out of the mire, realize the maximization of the creditors' interests and fully guarantee employees' rights and benefits.   

  因此,推动中国不良资产的市场发展和危困企业的司法重整对于中国的金融债务乃至维护地方区域内的市场经济环境和金融生态环境均具有重大的现实意义。从而,需要政府、监管及市场化机构多方力量共同努力与支持。通达金融研究院已成功在北京、香港两地举办了两届的高端论坛,积累了境内外具有国际影响力的不良资产投资及危困企业重整的高端人脉圈。在多方力量的鼎力支持下,通达金融研究院深耕不良资产及危困企业司法重整的行业研究,我们在于2017年6月22日-23日在上海举办"第三届中国国际(上海)不良资产投资与危困企业重整论坛" ,欢迎不良资产行业的投资与处置的新朋老友相聚魔都,共谋中国不良资产投资与危困企业重整市场的稳健发展!
  Therefore, to push forward the market development of China's NPL and the judicial restructuring of distressed companies is of great practical significance for China's financial debts as well as maintaining the regional market environment and financial ecology. Hence, all related parties including the governments, supervision authorities and marketized agencies need to pull ahead together. Total Finance Institute has successfully held two high-end forums in Beijing and Hong Kong, which has accumulated high-end circle of contacts in terms of internationally influential NPL and distressed companies' judicial restructuring. We will host the 3rd annual China NPL investment & Distressed Corporate Restructuring Forum in Shanghai on June 22nd 23rd. We welcome new and old friends related to NPL investment and disposal to gather there in a bid to jointly seek the stable development of China's NPL investment of distressed companies' restructuring!

Tenet of the forum


  This forum's tenet lies in that currently China's NPL and distressed companies' restructuring industry is lacking in professional investment agencies and disposal talents, resulting in information asymmetry and shortage of professional and trustworthy capital terminal, assets terminal and disposal terminal. Therefore, Total Finance Institute offers consulting and services of establishing brands, strives to forge the industrial chain of capitals and service agencies for the NPL industry both at home and abroad, and aims to set up a platform for domestic and foreign investors and disposal institutions in establishing professional, service-oriented and high-efficiency business exchanges.

7 reasons for not missing out!

International top investment institutions will gather in CNCR2017

The domestic major professional asset terminals get together in CNCR2017


Perfect integration of "foreign capital + local capital" and "supervision + academia"


Closed main venue + "satellite meeting" is connected only for different requirements

响应 "两会"聚焦不良资产的6份提案

Responding to "NPC & CPPCC" to focus on 6 proposals of NPL


Supported by the China Non-Performing Loan Industry Alliance and the China Association for Distressed M&A


Excellent innovative result exhibition platform

往届部分嘉宾 Part of Past Speakers

刘慧勇 Liu Huiyong


Vice President of The Investment Association of China; President of The Investment Consulting Special Committee of IAC

詹向阳 Zhan Xiangyang

中国城市金融学会秘书长 中国金融学会副秘书长

Secretary-General of China Urban Financial Society; Under-Secretary-General of China Society for Finance and Banking

Craig Blomquist


Former Chief Executive Officer, Fan Ya Tai (International), Ltd.

Greg Donahue

CEO,Double Haven(香港)资产管理有限公司

Chief Executive Officer, Double Haven Capital(Hong Kong)Ltd.

张晓琳 Zhang XiaoLin


Founder and Managing Partner, Shoreline Capital Management, Ltd.

Phil Groves


Founder and President, DAC Financial Management (China) Ltd.

Britney Lam


Associate Director, Macquarie Investment

Junkyu LEE

首席经济学家, 亚洲开发银行

Principal Economist, Asian Development Bank

方杰明 Mr.Fanger


ShoreVest Capital Partner ShreVest Capital

任志毅 Ren Zhiyi


Partner, Fangda Partners

韩峰 Han Feng


CEO of China Orient Summit Capital Co., Ltd.

吴舸 Wu Ge


Executive Partner of DOVE Capital

郑志斌 Zheng Zhibin


Vice President of Beijing Bankruptey Law Society

温彬 Wen Bin


Chief Researcher of China Minsheng Bank

成家军 Cheng Jiajun


Vice President of Banking Credit Asset Transfer Center

李传全 Li Chuangquan


Chief Strategy Officer of Zhejiang Province Zheshang Asset Management Co., Ltd.

葛卫华 Ge Weihua


Vice GM of Jiangsu Asset Mangement Co., Ltd.

缪晴辉 Catherine MIAO


Partner of JUNHE LLP

郑佳 Zheng Jia


Director , Fortress Investment Group (Beijing)

胡振毓 Hu Zhenyu


Managing Director, Fortress Investment Group

陈勇 Chen Yong


Vice President, Auhui Goho Asset Management Co., Ltd.

董晖 Dong Hui


GM,Chengdu Industrial Asset Management Co., Ltd.

彭富强 Peng Fuqiang


Leader Partner, China Special Situations Group, KPMG Business Advisory (China) Co., Ltd.

韩杰明 Albert HON

董事总经理 峰堡投资(香港)有限公司董事总经理
MD,Fortress Investment Group

王龙 Wang Long

副秘书长 中国企业国有产权交易机构协会
Deputy Secretary-General,China State-owned Property Exchanges Association


第一天 Day one - 2017-6-22
第二天 Day two - 2017-6-23


Asian NPL Disposal Experience and Enlightenment on China's Financial Institutions in Coping with Debt Crisis (South Korea, Japan and Singapore)
Help Chinese NPL Market Management and Disposal in Perspective of International Investment Experience
Coffee Break
Observe China's NPL Investment & Management in Perspective of Limited Partner



Market Trend and Investment Strategy of China's NPL: Special Investment Funds and NPL Investment Fund
NPL Investment Opportunities and Cooperation Mode in China's Different Regions
End of Day One


Opening Address

KAMCO's Experience of Resolving Banking NPL and Its Significance for China's Banking Industry
10 Years Experience for China NPL Practice and Strategy for China NPL Market
Activate Banking Assets and Discuss Innovative Disposals of NPL
Solvency Approach, Management and Investment Mode for Commercial Banks' NPL
中国不良资产市场的实践 — 外资合资和国有资产管理公司经验借鉴
Practice of China's NPL Market—Experience of JVs and State-owned AMC
Investment & Market Analysis of Chinese Banking Industry's NPL Securitization
Disposal of China's NPL & Administration Authorities and Shanghai of Cases

主办方 Host

联合主办方 Co-Host

协办方 Co-Organizer

首席赞助 Chief Sponsorship

支持机构 Supporting Agency

官方合作媒体 Official Media Partner

合作自媒体 Support We-Media

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合作媒体 Media Partner



China Non-Performing Loans (NPL) Summit 2016

2016年6月16日—17日,由中国投资协会投资咨询专委会与通达金融研究院主办,翱蒲传媒与中国小额信贷联盟协办的"2016中国不良资产处置高峰论坛"成功在北京希尔顿逸林酒店举行。活动以"盘活资产 创新互赢"为主题,邀请到了来自近300位来自政府机构、银行、投资方、租赁、私募及不良资产处置领域专业服务机构和权威的中介机构的代表出席。纵观中国因经济周期形成不良资产的本质, 多维度讲述不良资产处置与投资给整个经济市场所带来的机遇和挑战。

Under the aegis of the The Investment Consulting Special Committee of IAC and Total Finance and assisted by Shanghai Oppland and China Association of Microfinance (CAM). "China Non-Performing Loans (NPL) Summit, 2016" was held successfully at Doubletree by Hilton Beijing on June 16-17, 2016. The Forum takes"Revitalize the assets, make innovations and mutual wins "as the theme. Almost 300 representatives attended this Forum, which related to government, banks, investments, finance lease, private placement, professional service agencies and intermediary agencies of NPL Disposal. To make clear the essential of Chinese NPL formation because of economic cycle, analyzing opportunities as well as challenges brought on by NPL disposition and investment for the whole economic market from multiple dimension.



The 2nd China International (Hong Kong) NPL Investment and Development Forum

2016年9月22日-23日,由通达金融研究院与中国不良资产行业联盟主办,上海浦东国际金融学会与中投危困企业投资并购联盟协办的"第二届中国国际(香港)不良资产投资与发展论坛"成功在香港海景嘉福洲际酒店举行。汇聚了国际顶级的投资机构有KKR、BlackRock、Lone Star、Blackstone、Oaktree Capital 、Apollo Global Management、DAC Management、Fortress、Double Haven Capital、Bain Capital、Carlyle Group、Baring Private Equity Partners Asia、Shore Vest、Phoenix Property Investors、CPPIB ASIA INC、D E Shaw、United Oriental Capital、Davidson Kempner Capital、ADM Capital、加拿大养老基金投资公司、海岸投资、鼎晖投资、东方藏山资产管理有限公司、春华资本集团、中金公司、BMO 银行金融集团、天利控股、中银集团投资有限公司、美国德太投资有限公司,开展了一场关于不良资产投资与发展的行业盛宴。

Under the aegis of the China Non-Performing Loan Industry Alliance and Total Finance and assisted by the Shanghai Pudong International Finance Institute and China Association for Distressed M&A."The 2nd China International (Hong Kong) NPL Investment and Development Forum" was held successfully at InterContinental Grand Stanford Hong Kong on Spet. 22nd-22rd,2016. Leading international investment institutions including KKR, Black Rock, Lone Star, Blackstone, Oaktree Capital, Apollo Global Management, DAC Management, Fortress, Double Haven Capital, Bain Capital, Carlyle Group, Baring Private Equity Partners Asia, Shore Vest, Phoenix Property Investors, CPPIB ASIA INC, D E Shaw, United Oriental Capital, Davidson Kempner Capital, ADM Capital, the CPPIB, the United Overseas Bank, Shoreline Capital Management, CDH Investments, China Orient Summit Capital Co., Ltd., Primavera Capital, the CICC, BMO Financial Group, Tianli Holdings Group Limited, Bank of China Group Investment Limited, and TPG Capital in participation and sharing around the world., launched a great discussion on the investment and development of NPL.






VIP参会 (VIP Registration)


Registration of VIP is limited to China domestic Banks and LPs: Endowment fund, family offices, foundation, pension fund, insurance institution, Endowments, foundation, Fund-of-Funds, Sovereign wealth funds, etc


仅限7个名额 ,立即报名! (点击下载VIP参会回执)
Only 7 Seats available. register now ! (Click here to download the Form)
Organizing committee reserves the right of final decision on the interpretation of all


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