Conference Background

As one of the most important financial innovation in the 20th century, asset securitization has realized the explosive growth in recent years, especially since 2015, with the implementation of the records, issuing accelerated obviously, was published in 2015, total 592.945 billion RMB, up 83.65% from 2014. Issued in the first half of 2016 the total scale of nearly 282.3 billion RMB, from 2015 in the first half of 164.1 billion RMB has risen by nearly 72%. As the product size increasing, the participating organizations increasingly rich, the expansion of the underlying asset types, deal structure gradually mature, asset securitization market development will enter "the deepening development times". How to further standardize the market? What can we do to strengthen the information disclosure, product innovation and rational pricing? How to enhance market liquidity? All of these become China's asset securitization market need further development are faced with the problem.

By this opportunity,?The 4th Annual China Securitization Innovation Congress 2016 will focus on the industry innovation and development, to "Innovation and development" as the theme.?Explore the rich asset types, deepen the innovation deal structure.?Together with regulators, investment institutions, issuers, service providers and intermediary institutions, aims to build the actual combat information sharing platform of communication and innovation, promote the health of China's asset securitization market vigorous development.


Forum focus

• The latest industry policy interpretation
• The Asset securitization business innovation under the background of economic transformation.
• Specification asset securitization market information disclosure
• The exploration of foreign capital investment in the domestic asset securitization products.
• Experience sharing on underlying asset diversification of the pool
• Investment opportunities in consumer finance and asset securitization intersection
• Parsing the NPL business model
• Deconstruction real estate asset securitization model under the new situation
• Accelerating customized transaction structures' innovation
• Insight into asset securitization credit risk identification and the trend of the market mechanism innovation

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