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ZhiBin Zhou, Deputy General manager, PetroChina Southwest Oil and Gasfield Company
ZhiBin Zhou, born in July 1957.Ph. D., professor level senior accountant. He graduated from Sichuan University . He is currently a deputy general manager and chief accountant of the shares of China Petroleum Southwest Oil and Gas Field Company. He has long been engaged in the oil and natural gas production business management leadership and made remarkable achievements in corporate financial management and management of oil and gas production.1998-2008 years, in the "Management of the world", "Modern management", "Natural gas", "International oil economy" and other publications, forum published dozens of paper.
Vladimir Likhachev, Deputy Director, Energy Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Vladimir Likhachev is working for Energy Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ERI RAS) since 1985 and as a Deputy Director (science) of ERI RAS since 1998. His research in ERI RAS focuses on Russian energy policy as well as FSU/CIS, East European, Caspian, Central Asian, North – East Asian (NEA) countries' economic and energy development.Dr. Likhachev is the author of more than 120 publications on Russian', FSU', CA and NEA energy policy, hydrocarbon, electricity and renewables markets development, as well as Russian, FSU and NEA energy trade.
Prof. HuaiFa Zhang, Former director of China Petroleum Pipeline Engineering Corporation.
As a special expert of the China International Engineering Consulting Corporation, Prof. Huaifa Zhang participated in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd west to east pipeline project, sichuan-east gas pipeline , 1st,2nd,3rd and 4th shanxi-beijing pipeline project, Lanzhou-Zhengzhou Long-distance oil pipelines and other review works of oil and national gas transmission pipleline engineering technology programs in China. He grasp the advanced level of domestic long-distance gas pipeline technology.
Shaohua Dong, Director of science and technology department, Petrochina Beijing Natural Gas Pipeline Company

Dong Shaohua, Graduated from China University of Petroleum (Beijing) , oil and gas transportation department, PH.D,senior engineer, Certified Safety Engineer, the super membership of ASME, the director of Beijing petroleum society transportation and safety branch, the director of China petroleum transportation society integrity department, the super membership of Chinese corrosion and protection society, The Director of Science & Technology Development of PetroChina Beijing Gas Pipeline Co., Ltd, Who Engaged the pipeline safety assessment, pipeline integrity management and science and technology development during past years, Who Major in research on pipeline defect assessment, integrity assessment, pipeline safety engineering, inspection and maintenance etc; as a result he was awarded by national department and over 60 papers and 4 books were published. He input the technical of pipeline integrity management into the China firstly in 2001, and he was the first time to put forward the Four-Dimensional Pipeline Management and technical theory and Based on the IOT Pipeline Integrity Management, and he has done some speech frequently in the international pipeline industry conferences and did some presentations.

XiuCheng Dong, vice president, China University of Petroleum


ZhenKui Xue,Deputy Chief Engineer,China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau
薛振奎,中国焊接学会副理事长、中石油管道局副总工程师、科技委主任 2000年5月,调至研究院任院长、党委书记。重新组建了管道经济技术信息所、管道工程材料研究所、管道防腐研究所、管道特种施工机具研究所、管道焊接技术研究所、管道施工技术研究所、管道自动化研究所等机构。按照科工贸一体化的企业发展方向,这些科研机构既搞科研项目,又搞技术产品开发和推广,逐步建立起现代企业制度。
Hirofumi Arai, Secretary ,Northeast Asia Gas and Pipeline Forum of Japan(NAGPF-J)
Mr. Hirofumi Arai, Senior Research Fellow of Economic Research Institute for Northeast Asia
(ERINA) and also served as Secretary-General, Northeast Asian Gas and Pipeline Forum of Japan (NAGPF-J). Research Interests & Involved Projects:Research on cooperation in the transportation sector in Northeast Asia;Research on regional development of the Far East Region of Russia;Research on policies of Japanese local governments aiming at promotion of economic exchange with NEA countries/regions;,Transport Expert of the Greater Tumen Initiative (GTI)
Shahzad Iqbal, Executive Director(Gas) , Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority, Pakistan
Shahzad Iqbal is a seasoned professional, having an engineering background and an MBA degree in Project Management from Imperial College – London. He is a senior officer in Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) Pakistan, presently heading the Gas Deptt. and carries an extensive experience of more than 20 years at his credit. The speaker was also the member of the initial team engaged to establish & run this regulatory body in Pakistan, has ample knowledge of the local as well as international regulatory practices.
Daniel Hilfiker, CEO, Pneumofore
Mr. Daniel Hilfiker is a Swiss Mechanical Engineer and represents the third Generation of Pneumofore.
His Company celebrates the 90th Anniversary, as it was established by his Grandfather in 1923.
Mr. Daniel Hilfiker is the owner and CEO of Pneumofore, his Experience and Expertise also come from his involvement as Pneurop Council Member and ISO Standardization procedures.
As specialist for Vacuum and Compressed Air in various Heavy Duty Industrial areas, he is personally active in relevant Projects regarding the installation of the Pneumofore equipment for the Drying of Pipelines worldwide.
He will illustrate the different Solutions and point out the Advantages of recent Results from the Field.
Christian Brotel,Head of Sales, Segment Gas Storage and Sealed Technology, Business Unit Oil & Gas, MAN Diesel & Turbo Switzerland AG

Christian Brotel received his M.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering with a specialization in Turbomachinery, Fluid Mechanics and Energy Systems from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) in 1998. He started in 1999 his professional career as a Gas Turbine Project Engineer within ALSTOM Power’s Global Technical Sales for Gas Turbine and Combined Cycle Power Plants. He was then promoted in 2001 within Global Technical Sales as Technical Project Manager, responsible for projects in Asia and Oceanic Markets. Within these positions he gained a wide experience in Power Plant Engineering.
Christian Brotel joined in late 2003 the MAN Diesel & Turbo Switzerland Sales and Contract team, acting as a Sales Manager in the field of Hydrocarbon Processing Industries, Gas Transport and Gas Storage applications. Besides the sales related handling of all different products within the MAN Diesel & Turbo product portfolio Christian Brotel specialized himself in the field of high speed magnetic levitated and hermetically sealed motor compressor trains, which becomes more and more important in the Gas Storage & Gas Transport business today. Since 2005, he is also responsible for Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) projects with MAN Diesel & Turbo. Christian Brotel was promoted in March 2013 as Head of Sales of Segment Gas Storage and Sealed Technologies.

ZhiFeng YU, Senior Engineer, Petrochina Langfang Pipeline Design Institute


XueShen ZHOU, Vice President, China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau Tianjin Design Institute

周学深, 毕业于西南石油大学,管道局天津设计院副院长,擅长油气集输、加工、储运等油田地面工程的设计,擅长项目管理、技术管理。毕业十九年来一直从事油气集输、加工、储运工程的设计和技术管理工作,先后完成工程设计及科研项目100多项,在油气田开发、油气集输、油气储运、原油处理、天然气加工、地下储气库、海洋管道、海洋陆上终端、LNG等领域具有丰富的设计、科研和技术管理经验,具有很高的技术水平。2005年被评为管道局专业技术带头人;2006年被评为中国石油天然气集团公司优秀设计师;2007年被评为管道局忠诚员工、管道局专业技术带头人;2009年被授予管道局2006-2009年度科技创新特殊贡献者;2010年被评为石油工程建设优秀项目经理;2011年被评为管道局技术专家;2012年被评为中石油天然气集团公司高级技术专家。

Peng ZHANG, Deputy Director of Anticorrosion Institute, Petrochina Natural Gas Pipeline Science Research  Institution


Zhiping Zhang, Director of Operation , DNV China Oil & Gas

Mr. Stone Zhang holds a PHD of Marine & Offshore Structure Engineering from Harbin Engineering University with Executive Education from Fudan University and IMD. He has 10+ years of experiences from the Marine, Offshore, Oil & Gas Industries in Asia, Pacific and Middle East, and has published a number of articles within Chinese and International engineering journals as well as conference proceedings.  He joined DNV in 2005 and had taken various management positions including Country Chair for DNV Software in Chinaand Regional Manager of DNV SoftwareAsia Pacific before he took the current role.

JianZhong LEE, Deputy Director, Underground storage design and engineering technology research center, PetroChina Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development (RIPED)

李建中, 1954年9月出生,北京市人,毕业于黑龙江大学。中共党员,高级工程师,现任中国石油勘探开发研究院廊坊分院地下储库设计与工程技术研究中心副主任,集团公司油气地下储库工程重点实验室主任。中国岩石力学与工程学会地下工程专业委员会常务理事。
从九十年代初期,参加国内第一座商业运营的北京地区地下储气库工程选址研究和第一座长江三角洲地区盐穴储气库选址、可研以来,先后在 “陕京输气工程”、 “西气东输工程”、 “中缅管道工程”、 “中卫-贵阳管道工程”等重大工程的配套储气库选址、可研、设计项目中组织或参加的研究课题20多项,发表论文20余篇。获得省(部)级科技进步奖3项、市(局)级奖励20余项,获得国家专利3项,出版《天然气地下储库》等专著合著4部。









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