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COALspot.com, the ultimate and one of the Independent coal news portals which provides related information on coal & bulk shipping industries as well as an interactive platform for the industry players on the net, was founded by a group of highly experienced panelists in late 2009.

The portal provides most comprehensive & independent coal market coverage through inputs drawn from various sources with the objective of assisting the industry players.

Our value added services include a coal exchange platform, weekly actual and forecasts freight updates, coal directories, coal price calculator, coal blending calculators and conversion tools, information on coal handling ports worldwide etc.

Registration at COALspot.com is FREE for Coal & Bulk Shipping related Firms and Individuals. Once registered, Members can post their services and/or list their companies in our databases free of cost for increase global exposure.


INTERNATIONAL POWER ENGINEER is the leading international magazine for senior specifiers within the power generation industry. Each issue includes a series of in-depth working reports and product reviews written by leading engineers with extensive industry knowledge and experience.

The magazine is published in print and digital format and is supported by the web site ENGINEER LIVE which provides daily updates to an audience of over 500,000 regular users.


Ampersand World's quest is akin to the journey of life, full of energy, in constant motion, with ups and downs, intersecting with the paths of others –and during which we never cease to progress, to question, to set new challenges.

We are positioned at the heart of the trading world - a profession characterized by calculations and figures, where decisions must be made quickly, where instinct plays a critical role and where managing risks cannot be envisaged without the right dose of imagination and creativity. This unique world requires a particular brand of recruitment and competencies, which we can offer.
Our goal is to redefine the old fashioned vision of recruitment, get rid of the limits and usual borders between recruitment and commodity trading. We are more than a partner, we are part of your world, we speak your language and we know what you are looking for.
We take advantage of new technologies such as social media to reach interesting people in a different way: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
We care about our relationship with our clients and candidates. We put their experience first.
Specialties: Recruitment, Coaching, Training, Event


NRG Expert is an independent energy market research and intelligence company. The company specialises in energy market research reports, energy market databases  and energy consulting  as well as detailed financial analysis and market forecasts. NRG Expert provides high quality research and data which is often hard to access elsewhere. The data and analysis produced is provided to the world’s leading companies, consultancies and government bodies, giving them the data and statistics they need to make tough, cost conscious decisions about their energy infrastructure, energy projects, and energy business development strategies.

g. NRGExpert is a trading name of NRG Smarts Limited, registered in England & Wales with Companies House under company number 7468718.

World Coal is the leading magazine and website for the global coal industry. We offer expert coverage of the economic, political, environmental and technical trends within the industry - from the mine to the end user. Whatever you need to know about coal: we've got it covered. 

The Centre for Energy Environment Resources Development (CEERD) based in Bangkok, conducts training, research and consultancy in the energy and environment fields, notably energy planning and policy, power sector development, energy efficiency, renewable energy technologies and Climate Change (CDM), within regional or international projects, or private sector cooperation.

Coalfield Connection is a goods and services directory direct mailed free to every mine operations (underground, surface and prep plant) in the U.S. and an ever growing list of International operators and vendors six times a year. We combine the best of all aspects of other directories, take out all the fluff, and put your company's information directly in the hands of the mine operator C-Suite officers, purchasing managers and decision makers. Advertisers in our hard copy are included in our on-line edition at no extra charge.

OFweek智能电网(http://smartgrids.ofweek.com/)作为中国领先的智能电网专业媒体,自成立以来致力于打造成为智能电网领域的行业门户权威品牌。凭借把握智能电网市场与技术脉搏,专注于服务智能电网行业,为行业用户提供综合商务服务及技术交流平台。OFweek智能电网深入报道的技术包括: 网络通信、智能电表、SCADA、IT技术、输配电、安全、标准、存储、MDM 、DG/Renewables 等,涉及的智能电网应用内容包括:电力需求、效能管理、电力传输、 智能家居、家庭网络、 电网自动化等.


中国煤电网(www.meidianwang.com)是致力煤炭供需贸易的撮合服务,倡导"对接供求信息、畅通供需渠道"力求做"最具实用价值的煤炭交易网"。网站本着公平、中立的原则,打造科学、高效的煤炭电子交易平台。旨在成为立足陕西、辐射西北、面向全国的现代化自由贸易的网络交易平台,并希望成为连接陕、甘、宁、青、新、晋、蒙与全国跨区域接洽煤炭供求的煤炭网络资源配置中心,成为优秀的公平、中立的服务窗口。网站首创的煤炭竞价系统融创新与实用兼备。中国煤电网拥有众多的煤企用户及合作伙伴,网站上发布着海量的煤炭资讯及供求信息 ,还可以自由添加自己煤场的坐标信息,方便需要你的客户准确的找到你。





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