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EVHUB.IN is the fast-growing online Information and media portal obsessively promoting and profiling green products and companies related to electric vehicles and renewable energy products.

We provide up-to-date daily news and weekly reviews, Interviews with business leaders, green event coverage, market research, company news linking and database of companies who do eco-friendly businesses around the world. Our readers are high-level executives, business leaders, educational institutions, investors, business owners and government institutions throughout the world.
Our website keeps our readers with in-depth analysis of Green technology Industry, special reports and exhaustive searchable database.

Next Green Car's Zap-Map is the most comprehensive UK-wide map of electric car charging points. Showing charge points by plug type (slow, fast and rapid), route-finding, bookmarks and more it is an excellent resource to find the location and profile of EV charging points in the UK.
Next Green Car is the UK's leading green car website providing independent and expert advice to help people find a more economical and efficient car. With all the latest electric car news, a microsite dedicated to electric cars and the unique Next Green Car Rating enabling comparison across technologies - Next Green Car is an essential destination for those researching electric cars.

The Leading Network in the Electricity Industry
The Brand Rally Point in the Electric Power Industry
The first-choice platform for the product marketing in the Electric Power Industry
BJX Electric Power Network has been concentrated in the electricity field since December, 1999, supplying the latest business information, electricity technology, material downloading, industry analysis, and electronic commerce for the electric power professionals. It is an electronic business interactive platform with 1,000,000 members covering all of the related power fields. So it is the most influential and most well-known network in the electricity industry in China.
Comprehensive Power Business Information Integration
Loyal High-Rank Professional Net Audience
Authority Support from Forum
leaving the others far behind with ALEXA global ranking 120,00
daily page viewing over 60,0000

中国锂电网(最专业的中国锂电池行业门户网站,网站成立于2008年,经过多年的持续发展已经在业内建立了良好的口碑和极大的影响力。中国锂电网提供锂电池行业和锂池电相关行业最新资讯,市场行情 ,产业动向,生产检测设备、最新技术等信息。中国锂电网以磷酸铁锂新能源正极材料、锂离子动力电池、新能源汽车为核心引领行业高速发展! 同时为广大锂电池企业和锂电池相关企业用户提供:产品销售、企业采购、产品在线展示、企业商铺、企业推广、产品营销、新闻发布等交互式信息服务。

China5e is an independent information and consulting insititution specializing in energy and related industries. Combining unrivalled experience, China5e strives to deliver timely energy information and professional market research service as well as events and PR service to our clients.

Energy Research Observe Net(ERO:, constructed by SGERI and related media, is an open academic exchange-platform and comprehensive energy information platform to face forward domestic and overseas countries. The main columns of ERO include: "Dynamic News", "Hot Topics", "Specialist Viewpoints", "Research Observe", "Specialist Interview", "Research Reports", "Energy Data", "Policies and Regulations", "International Energy" and "Information Service", etc.
State Grid Energy Research Institute (SGERI), an exclusively-invested subsidiary of State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC), specialized in soft sciences and consulting services, playing as a think-tank and exchange-platform in comprehensive energy research. SGERI has honed obvious advantages in such fields as power sector planning, energy & environmental protection policy, power supply and demand analysis, corporate strategy and management, institutional reform and power market, accounting audit, power pricing, and energy statistics & analysis and etc, and forged a team with high professional quality and capability.
我们的使命:为打造最专业的新能源汽车行业平台!, the power industry's first vertical portal to power as the core product portal. Organized by the China Power Supply Association, to provide power information services, data services, interactive services, Web services platform trinity. of vertical platform as the power supply industry, adhere to the product as the core value creation, dissemination value, is the only domestic power industry to achieve the "power products per a site to build a dedicated"media.

Funded and operated by Beijing Asian Automotive Associated IT Co., Ltd., is devoted to promoting the development of new-energy automobile market and relative industries, and providing professional information and integrated resources for auto manufacturers, auto parts suppliers, dealers and massive customers.

China Business Update (CBU) in Beijing engages in China trade publishing, business consulting and international trade with an exclusive focus on the Chinese automotive industry.

In addition to an English weekly newsletter, CBU-Auto, a bi-weekly newsletter, CBU-HeavyDuty, a
Chinese weekly newsletter, QicheYaowen(QCYW), a monthly statistics report, CBU-Autostats, and a print English magazine, ChinaAutomotive Review (CAR), CBU publishes an annual Directory of Chinese Vehicle, Motorcycle, Parts & Components Manufacturers (with CD) on the world's largest emerging automobile market. CBU also offers customized market research and consulting on China related automotive businesses.




The Strategist Pte Ltd is an established publishing house and consultancy with its strength in Asia's oil, gas, renewable energy, power and petrochemical industries.

Founded in 1993, Singapore-based The Strategist produces the EnergyAsia stable of publications:-

- EnergyAsia Daily on on the oil, gas, power and petrochemical industries
- EnergyAsia Report, monthly publication
- Energy Map of China showing oil, gas, power, petrochemical and chemical facilities, storage plants, ports and industrial parks.
- Energy Map of Singapore and Johor shows the installations and plants of some 100 oil, petrochemical, power and chemical companies.


EnergyTrend is the leading website on green news since 2010 and is dedicated to provide market intelligence and to deliver the price information on green/renewable energy industry. EnergyTrend is also a global market research firm that has an insightful analysis in the scope of solar, lithium battery, xEVs and the related applications. For more information, please visit


Mobility keeps you up to speed on all the news and events in Europe's collective transport industry. Developments in legislation, regulations and standards, the economic situation, advanced technologies, innovative solutions, new trends and current issues… we deliver the information in the form of technical articles and with interviews with key players in the field.

Navigant Research is a market research and consulting team that provides in-depth analysis of global clean technology markets. The team's research methodology combines supply-side industry analysis, end-user primary research and demand assessment, and deep examination of technology trends to provide a comprehensive view of these industry sectors.



Environment Analyst is a publishing and business research organisation with a remit to track performance and opportunities within the environmental services sector, with a particular focus on the environmental consulting and support services market. We also publish the Chemical Watch information service.


Global Reach, Local Services
Interfax Business Wire Services provides a one-stop solution for companies seeking distribution and disclosure of press releases within and outside China.
In association with Business Wire, a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, Interfax News Services brings the most comprehensive distribution and disclosure network to China. We can deliver your releases around the globe in virtually every industry sector.
A member of the Interfax Information Group, the leading information provider for emerging markets, Interfax News Services has obtained a profound knowledge of, as well as insights into, the business world in the Greater China region. This deep involvement guarantees that we know exactly what you expect of your news releases and how to ensure maximum exposure.

More facts about Interfax Business Wire Services:
- Global media network covering 150+ countries and regions
- Access to dozens of international and national news ageincies throughout the Amerias, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Africa and Latin America
- Only commercial news service having full-text carriage provision with all leading international news organizations
- Capable of handling various different language translations
- 24/7 expert advice and support for any international distribution




Renewable Energy Database was founded in 2008 in Berlin, Germany. Since the beginning our mission was to make the rapidly developing renewable energy market more transparent and to promote the most recent and efficient technologies in the green energy sector. By 2013, with over 20 000 visitors monthly from 97 countries, it has become one of the major global renewable energy platforms participating in the global transfer of knowledge in the green energy sector.



泰多克致力于打造全球最专业的优质汽配制造商展示推广平台,现总部位于欧洲英国,同时已在多个国家与地区建立分支机构。在吸收全球专业买家建议的基础上,泰多克制定了产品展示商 标准,并邀请全球优质汽配制造商加入。通对全球各大重量级汽配展会以及光盘、网站、采购目录等进行多种渠道的推广。

泰多克推广将大大提升优质制造商的曝光率,缩减国际专业买家搜寻优质制造商的成本与时间 ,保证国际贸易的高效与品质。

经过多年的努力与市场开拓,现已与全球超过34个国家与地区的众多汽车生产企业、多国经济贸易组织或大型汽配连锁市场、大额采购商及批零中心等建立各种多元化合作关系,为泰多克 产品展示商提供最完美匹配的商机及贸易推广。


电源技术应用 创刊于1998年4月,由国务院副总理曾培炎题写刊名,中国电源学会、陕西省电源学会联合主办,是电源行业第一本面向应用、具有较强学术性、实用性和信息性的中级技术刊物。10年来一直坚持"致力于电源科技的发展进步,开展学术交流,传播业界信息,推广名优产品"的办刊宗旨,依托中国电源学会的行业优势,立足电源领域,跟踪报道业内领先技术、管理理念以及最新的业界信息,在目标读者群中确立了独有特色、与众不同的媒体形象,成为电源行业领域知名的品牌期刊。 is the No. 1 financial website in China. The daily traffic has reached 150 million, and the daily visitors has surpassed 20 million. In Nielsen Ratings, eastmoeny ranks No. 1 among Chinese financial websites in terms of weekly visitors. At the same time, eastmoney has 5.2 percent of maket shares, ranking No. 1 among financial websites in China.






"Having flagged off its operations more than a decade ago, Automotive-Technology has been an across-the –board network that intensifies the expansive Automotive-Technology market by advertising paramount companies in the sector.
Given the evolution within this sector, we proclaim with much pride that we contribute significantly to attain such rapid developments by channelizing correct market strategies, imparting up-to-the minute feeds, and coupling dominant businesses.
Automotive-Technology is one of the leading B2B portals in the Automation industry with 2,00,000 Visitors Per month, 55000+ Registered buyers. We are partnered with NASDAQ OMX, Global data & Business wire* and also associated with eminent industry specific business events/projects & clientele" uses cookies to allow us to see how the site is used. These cookies cannot identify you. By continuing to use this site, you give us your consent to allow cookies. If you would like to continue browsing our site, please accept cookies. You can learn more about cookies by reviewing our Privacy Policy.







Commercial Vehicle Engineer is the multi-award-winning online monthly magazine delivering a unique combination of news, analysis and comment on the commercial vehicle market and aftermarket. The title is aimed at all commercial vehicle engineers, but in particular at transport engineers and fleet managers running UK-based fleets of trucks, light commercial vehicles, buses and coaches.
The top technical monthly for commercial vehicle engineers and fleet managers.



主要栏目:企业 产品 行情 展会 采购 资讯 技术 样本 专利 百科 招聘。



电动汽车资源网( ,是电动汽车行业专业网上平台,已发展成为框架完善、信息丰富、功能强大的新能源电动汽车行业中专业、权威的电子商务、资讯、技术交流等电子商务平台。电动汽车资源网把贸易与资讯有机结合一起,整合所有相关行业资源。电动汽车资源网以"全方位电动汽车行业服务平台"为目标,为行业服务,是电动汽车行业人士最关注的新能源汽车门户网站。







Energy has no doubt become one of the most fundamental elements, this element 'ENERGY' is the domain of TOTAL ENERGY INFORMATICS. The unmatched quality with its profound understanding in the energy sector, makes THE SUPERLATIVE intelligent information source of choice for companies involved & looking for business opportunities in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power, Refinery, Pipeline & Water sectors.
Excellent business information is a must-have tool for anyone seriously building a profitable business, and we at strive to provide that kind of intelligent information.
Our aim remains to 're-define project information sourcing' and we proudly claim, no one does it better than us, as we provide quality information at the right time, which have and will; directly or indirectly; lead our subscribers to have a slice of the on-going projects. has been holding an important mission to find high-quality suppliers in supply chain as well as new products and technologies for energy enterprises. In adherence to the tenet of profession,opening and win-win collaboration, has constructed a service platform for the whole energy industry and the supply chain. Years efforts, this platform has not only become mature, but also evolved into the foreland where new products and technologies can satisfy demands of actual market and it has been a reliable platform for enterprise providing high-quality products and service.

EnergyChinaForum,founded in 2006,is a comprehensive energyinformation provider of China energy market.It owns rich source of customers such as traders,risk managers,analysts and industry leaders.For a long time,Self-absorbed and accumulated reader has been important source of customers.Meanwhile our customer source gives back at witrh steady steps ascension.Its products including ECF China Oil,Gas & Petrochemical Newsletter,ECF China Coal & Electrical Power Newsletter,ECF China New Energy Newsletter.Additional information is available at

PETROFINDER is the leading and young company which is providing the most advanced online platform for the real time trading and auction solutions for international oil and gas industries and major physical markets. Please find our introduction and services as follows :

1. B-to-B Online Trading Platform in Energy Sector.
2. Trading & Brokerage, Marketing and Consulting Services.
3. Online P.R and Advertising Services.
4. Global Recruitment and Energy Expert Finding Services.

For more information about PETROFINDER, please visit our website
Or contact to

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