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Business-to-Business Networking Platform
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Industry Media PR and Remediation
Dedicated Business-to-Business Networking Platform

How Our Conference Works?

  1. Opening, Luncheon, and Closing Remarks
    A wealth of experiential and practical knowledge is passed on to summit attendees from exceptional opening, lunch, and closing remarks delivered by the finest experts in the relevant market field. This summit hosts three major speakers, one in the morning, one during a served luncheon, and one in the evening during the networking reception. These speakers will address a variety of topics relating to relevant market in China.
  2. Panel Discussions
    Through panel discussions moderated by renowned industry professionals, the summit will address a range of issues important to the development of relevant market in China. A typical panel is made up of four to five panelists, in addition to the moderator.
  3. Beat your competitors! Exclusive Presentations
    The companies have been carefully selected to give business presentations for summit attendees. These companies are on the cutting edge of the relevant market field and provide attendees with an opportunity to see the newest information coming out of China.
  4. Cocktail Party
    At the conference conclusion, a cocktail hour will allow all summit attendees and participants to further discuss the day’s presentations and exchange ideas in a more casual environment. The summit attendees will find this reception useful to network with one another as well as pursue presenters that were of particular interest to them.
  5. Private VIP Dinner
    Host dinner where the participants meet for enlightening discussions and business deals in the relaxed atmosphere will be sponsored to hold during the night.
  6. 1-to-1 Meeting
    1 on 1s and meetings are where leaders lead. That’s your opportunity to inspire, influence, motivate, coach, listen, solve problems, make decisions, and create an environment where employees feel energized. You can’t do this with email – it has to be f2f, eyeball to eyeball. Or, if managing remotely, at least over the phone.
  7. Master Class/Case Tutorial
    It will be held by renowned market professionals, the tutor will address a range of issues important to the risks and opportunities of relevant market.
Continuous Observation Industries Report
  • Civil Aviation
  • Smart Grid
  • Antibody Drugs
Event Management & Outsourcing

We can help you on following factors:

  • Cost Control
  • Event Revenue Optimize
  • Attendance Increase
  • Best practices implement
  • Success measure
Industry Media PR and Remediation

Media Interview

  • Shaping your message
  • Gain understanding of issues
  • Collect relevant facts
  • Obtain quotes from reputable sources
  • Balance opposing views


Corporate Video
Event Management Case Study
Download U.S. - China Smart Grid Dialogue Conference Management Case Study Brochure (2MB PDF)
Download CAATS Exhibition Management Case Study Brochure (27MB PDF)
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