Opinion: New Horizons For Aerospace Suppliers

Aerospace supply chains are morphing. During the last decade, the trend was for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to send as much activity as possible to low-cost countries (LCC) to leverage cheaper labor costs. This contributed to the emergence of new aerospace business clusters in China, Mexico, Brazil, Turkey and North Africa. » read more

AVIC Launches MA700 Project Officially

Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) has completed all setting-ups of its Modern Ark 700 (MA700) project - a new generation of 70-seat turboprop regional aircraft, and received an approval from the government, announced AVIC in a news press held on Dec. 16, marking that the project is ready to enter the overall production phase. » read more

MA700 to Take Test Flight in 2016

The Modern Ark 700 (MA700), a new type of 70-seat turboprop regional airliner which is researched and developed by AVIC, is planned to take its test flight in 2016 and is expected to obtain its airworthiness certificate and launch into the market in 2018, said an executive from AVIC at the 15th Paris Air Show. » read more

COMAC: C919 Expected to Make Maiden Flight in 2015

COMAC also declared that the large aircraft C919 is expected to step into final assembly and make its maiden flight in 2015, and then go to delivery after obtaining airworthiness certificate in 2017 at the soonest. » read more

C919 Enters into Planning Phase for Airworthiness Certification

The airworthiness certificate for C919 will be ratified in accordance with CAAC's standards of 150-seat large passenger jet which is capable of ditching. » read more

ARJ21-700 Completes Test Flight Examining the Performance of Illuminating System

An ARJ21-700-104 took off at Urumqi Diwobo International Airport at 19:34 and landed safely at 21:54 after flying two hours and twenty minutes, successfully completing a test flight of examining the performance of illuminating system at night. » read more

ARJ21-700 AC103 completes severe cold flight test

ARJ21-700 AC103 successfully completed severe cold ground test and severe cold flight test in Hailaer, Inner Mongolia, and flew from Hulunbuir Dongshan International Airport to Xi'an Yanliang airport with a stopover at Huhehaote Baita International Airport on January 18th, 2014. » read more

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