Day One: Apr 24, 2014 Thursday

Aerospace Leadership Forum: Cooperation and Innovation Lead to Prosperity of China Commercial Aerospace Industry
08:00 Registration and Morning Coffee
08:45 Opening Speech

  • Optimizing China‘s aerospace industry self-development system to achieve leap-forward development of civil aerospace industry
  • Innovation and Collaboration–Opportunities & RTD Strategies of Chinese Civil Aviation Industry
  • Airlines’ Requirements and Needs for Greening Air Transport
  • Approach to eco-efficiency through the aircraft lifecycle from a global perspective
  • Updates on Progress and Supply Chain Development of China’s C919 and ARJ21 Programs

12:20-13:50  Luncheon 午宴

  • Partnership and innovation to address aviation industry challenges
  • Improving the Continued Airworthiness of Civil Aircraft
  • Financing strategies underpinning future growth of civil aerospace industry development in China

17:00 Day One Ends


Project in Focus:

MA700 Project

China’s Xian Aircraft plans to add to the competition by launching its own 70-seat MA700 in 2019, with shrink and stretch versions being offered. Chris Seymour, head of market analysis with Flightglobal’s advisory service Ascend believes, however, that bigger turboprops are inevitable. “They have come to dominate the very short-haul markets and a move up to the larger size is seen as a foregone conclusion,” he says.

Updates on C919

C919 Expected to Make Maiden Flight in 2015. The airworthiness of C919 shall be certified in compliance with the requirements of 150-seat large plane, which should accommodate such environmental factors as ditching.

AVIC AC series civil helicopter

Chinese rotorcraft maker Avicopter has slipped the development schedule of its proposed 3.1-metric-ton (6,800-lb.) helicopter, while revealing more data about the type and confirming its designation as AC332.
AC313 helicopter passed AEG review of CAAC On Dec. 18th 2013, marking the Asia's largest tonnage helicopter has owned the conditions to be put into market operation.

CJ-1000 commercial engine programme

Speaking recently on the medium- to long-term plans for China's aviation industry, Zhang Yanzhong said that the country has identified jet engine development as one of its priorities.

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