Based on our 4 years' success of CCAS since 2009, the 6th Annual China Commercial Aircraft Convention will be gathering over 200 Chinese and international aerospace companies for pre-scheduled B2B eetings in China. 1000 face to face meetings with Chinese aerospace manufacturers and international erospace OEMs for suppliers and contractors.
Who Will You Meet?

Civil Aerospace OEMs
Research & Design Institutes
Parts & Components Suppliers
Materials Suppliers
Aircraft Interiors
Technologies & Equipments
Software Solutions
Consulting & Medias
Banks & Law Firms
Governments & Reulators
Industry Associations

Why Should You Come?
  • Hear From the Primes, Regulators and Governments from China & Overseas.
    Refine your business strategy by listening directly to the Primes and regulators' view on future
    development of civil aerospace industry.
  • Get First-hand Knowledge of Major OEMs' Procurement and Supply Chain Strategies and Policies.
    Save time and money. listen to Major OEMs sharing of the procurement and supply chains strategies and changes of recent supply chain model.
  • Network and Discuss with Decision Makers from Chinese Aerospace Manufacturers and Suppliers.
    Mix up with 80+ technology and procurement heads of Chinese aerospace manufacturers and sub-contractors at one time under one roof.
  • Exclusive LIVE Interview with CAN News.
    Limited opportunities to be invited to the Media Room of CAN News for LIVE Video Interviews.
  • Advisory Board Members

    Cao Chunxiao
    Academician, AVIC Beijing Institute of
    Aeronautical Materials

    Li Zhiqiang
    Chief Engineer, AVIC Beijing Aeronautical
    Manufacturing Technology Research Institute

    Zhao Hongling
    General Manager, AVICIT

    He Shengqiang
    General Manager, AVIC Xi’an Aircraft Industry (Group)

    Li Jibao
    Vice General Manager, AVIC Commercial
    Aircraft Engine Co., Ltd.

    Yuan Li
    General Manager, AVIC Shenyang Aircraft Corporation

    Li Guangxing
    General Manager, AVIC Shaanxi
    Aircraft Industry Corp            

    Huang Weina
    Deputy Director, AVIC Gas Turbine Establishment

    Wu Ximing
    Chief Designer, China Helicopter Research
    and Development Institute

    Jiao Yusong
    General Manager, AVIC Jincheng Corporation

    Pang Zhen
    General Manager, AVIC Shenyang
    Aircraft Industry Corp

    Bradley Perrett
    Asia Pacific Bureau Chief, Aviation Week

    Event Structure At A Glance
    Advisory Organization
    AVIC Group
    Supporting Organization
    AVIC Aviation Equipment Co.,Ltd
    AVIC SAC Commercial Aircraft Limited
    AVIC Chengdu Aircraft Industrial Group
    AVIC Jiangxi Hongdu Aviation Industry Group
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