Our past and present speakers:

Chen Fusheng
Vice General Manager

Song Chengzhi
AVIC Hongdu Aviation Industry Group

Li Guangxing
AVIC Shan'xi Aviation Industry Group

Pang Zhen
AVIC SAC Commercial Aircraft Company

Jiang Liping
Chief Engineering
Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

Chen Juming
President China

Li Guansheng
Deputy Chief Designer
COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Design Institute

Cheng Jinsheng
Vice President, Int'l Cooperation Dept
AVIC Commercial Aircraft Engine Co, Ltd (ACAE)

Lawrance Barron
Airbus China

Bernard Hensey
Chief Executive Officer
Boeing Shanghai

Dale Carlson
General Manager
CFM LEAP Tchnology Strategy, GE Aviation

Jorg Esslinger
Director Materials Engineering (TEW)
MTU Aero Engines GmbH

Dr. Riti Singh
Professor of Gas Turbine Engineering
Cranfield University

Ben Driggs
Vice President, OEMs Asia

Bobby Janagan
GM, Engine Leasing
Rolls- Royce

Mark Watson
Director, Environmental Affairs
Cathay Pacific

Antoine Gaugler
Head of Region Sourcing Office
China & East Asia, EADS

Advisory Organization
AVIC Group
Supporting Organization
AVIC Aviation Equipment Co.,Ltd
AVIC SAC Commercial Aircraft Limited
AVIC Chengdu Aircraft Industrial Group
AVIC Jiangxi Hongdu Aviation Industry Group
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